Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tattoo You

This post isn't actually about tattoos, or the Rolling Stones. Though I must say, Tattoo You is, oddly, one of my favorite Stones albums, and one that I think is terribly under appreciated. Or maybe it was just the time and place it reminds me of -- Sophomore year in college living off campus with wonderful friends in complete and glorious squalor. (Regardless, I know every word of every song on this album.)

I Stumbled Upon this Flavorwire post on Scott Campbell's mind-blowing laser-cut sculpture made of US currency and inspired by tattoo art. Campbell is a famous tattoo artist to the stars who is a hipster darling and a really freaking amazing...artist artist. I don't mean to diminish the value of tattoos as an art form, I just have never wanted a tattoo and never gave its artistic value much thought. To be honest, I do find tattoos oddly compelling on occasion. Polynesian designs are beyond amazing, so organic, so powerful (even on Mike Tyson's face). And the brightly colored full commitment tattoos are mesmerizing both in their impact and the boldness of the bearer. The "bad-ass" nature of it all is a draw.

Here are images of Campbell's ironic currency sculpture, as featured on his must-see website. Amazing, am I right?

If I ever did get a tattoo in some last gasp of rebellion, it wouldn't be a butterfly. I believe it would have to be a gigantic tiger on my entire back, kind of like the one by Scott Campbell pictured below, but in color and bigger!  I have had recurring dreams of tigers in my lifetime and was born in the year of the Tiger, so it just seems appropriate.  And I would want to get on Scott Campbell's waiting list. But I am quite confident that will never happen...I'm just not that bad-ass.

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