Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Vulnerability. The word has never been one of my favorites. It feels weak and sounds scary. It is something to be avoided at all costs. At least that is what I used to think.

Well, it is no wonder I could relate to Brene Brown when I watched this talk on She is humorous, insightful and yes, vulnerable.

One of the most fascinating corollaries she brings up is how avoidance of vulnerability is closely tied with the need for certainty--in religion, in politics--in order to enforce the illusion of control over your life. The need for certainty shuts down authentic dialogue and openness to the world around us. Anyone who disagrees with what we are certain of threatens our finely crafted reality...and makes us vulnerable.

Yeah, it's a great talk.

Could use a therapy session about now, am I right?  What are your thoughts on the topic?

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