Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mass Collaboration

Aaron Campbell, Albuquerque, NM, Frame #595 of The Johnny Cash Project

The new examples of mass collaboration I witnessed at the 2011 TED conference (Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir was mentioned in a previous post) made me view this phenomenon in a completely new way.

Technology and visionary orchestration now provides individual contributors an opportunity to be part of a collective expression of creativity.  The Johnny Cash Project is a moving example.

Described as "a global collective art project," The Johnny Cash Project is a heartfelt tribute to a musical legend that is ever changing and powerful. Aaron Koblin, creative director on the project along with Chris Milk, showed resulting music video to "Ain't No Grave" in his 2011 TED talk just over a week ago.  Learn more about the creators intentions here.

How beautiful to be able to express your appreciation and be part of something bigger.

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