Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Magic That Is TED

It's true. I will admit it right here and now. I am very influenced by TED and the TED experience. You will see many of their videos in this blog, my micro-curated set of their already impeccably curated library of speakers. 

I went to my first TED in 2006 at the suggestion of a wise friend and mentor. The experience literally changed my life. My mind expanded. My heart expanded. The bubble of my little world burst and I had to care more about our global condition. TED was a non-stop barrage of 18 minutes after 18 minutes of the most important issues you ever heard, followed by even more 18 minute talks of the most amazing discoveries and insights.  All at once I felt powerless and empowered. After a week of brain stimulation you leave exhilarated and exhausted, all in the company of amazing people. (Hey, there's the guy that invented the internet...there's the Nobel prize winner....etc.)

And, best of all, I met my future husband there the very first evening. (It's a tough ticket, but highly recommended for finding a good man or woman. :-)

We are roughly a month away from TED 2011 and the anticipation is building. I was lucky enough to attend the TEDWomen conference in December. It was so emotionally charged I wondered how I would be able to endure another TED so close on its heels. The experience always makes me want to be a better person. 

This video is a fascinating look behind the scenes at the preparation and intensity involved. It helps explain why the content is so good. It takes hard work. You can learn more about TED here. (NOTE: All in there is 50 minutes of video here. Just so you know what you're in for. Not a bad way to spend a snow day)

Behind the TEDTalk 2010 from m ss ng p eces on Vimeo.

Sir Ken Robinson is one of my all time favorites. The talk below is from 2006 and it made a big impact on me. The topic is compelling and his delivery humorous. 

This video is from the talk featured in the behind the scenes video. Again, brilliant. Please enjoy. 

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