Friday, January 28, 2011

The Beginning of Dreams


Have you had a passion since you were young? In you 20s did you have a vision for what you wanted your life to be like? Did you make choices to support your passions? 

A dear one in my life posted this video of her son, singing a song he wrote. A really good song. The lyrics are written from the perspective of a voodoo doll, but obviously have layers of relevant, heart-wrenching meaning. And the melody and hooks just beg for band to make it come alive. You can hear the potential in this young soul, the talent. 

It made me reflect on my dreams when I was his age, the path I took. Now I have new dreams, new passions and a new vision for what I want my life to be like. Now I have the awareness to make choices, in thought and action, to make that vision real. 

I really hope he follows his dreams, starts an amazing band and shares his talent with the world. I am saving a place on my iPod.

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