Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Playing Favorites: Cheese Edition

Tete de Moine
Photo courtesy of artisanalcheese.com

Food is one of the pleasures of life. My four indulgent food groups are Cheese, Bread, Wine and Chocolate.

Cheese is on my mind today. In particular, Tete de Moine cheese (pronounced teh duh MWHAN)
which in my opinion is one of the world's great cheeses and certainly one of my favorites.

The literal translation of the French words "Tete de Moine" is "Monk Head". Although this fine Swiss product was first created by monks, it is now produced by the lay community. Tete de Moine, made in the Swiss Alps near the town of Bellelay from rich unpasteurized cows' milk, is a sharp cheese with a full, nutty flavor. Its intense flavor is even more pronounced when compared to other cheeses from Switzerland, like Gruyere and Emmental. - iGourmet.com

This cheese is so special it requires its own equipment, a Girolle. Seriously, you need it to really taste it at its best. Plus, it is fun.

I first tasted Tete de Moine on a trip to visit family in, of course, Switzerland. They take their cheese very seriously there. Every little town has at least one cheese shop and I am quite sure each one has a girolle and this cheese. But we are not so lucky here in the states, so I added the Girolle to my Christmas list and luckily, I am a proud owner. It is probably one of the most used kitchen tools in our household. To believe that, you need to taste this cheese. If you aren't ready to commit to the Girolle, be sure to slice the cheese as thin as absolutely possible.

You will thank me...or never forgive me when you find yourself addicted.

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